Friday, December 21, 2007

A Change for the Better

As many of you already know, Andrea has been working for the American Lung Association here in Austin since October. Unfortunately, the experience has not been a positive one for her. There are vast differences between the organization here and her previous position in Florida, not to mention, her commute is over an hour long one-way! Quite simply, it wasn't working as she had hoped it would. So, she regrettably gave her two week notice. However, the Lord has provided once again by making an opportunity available for her. On January 7th, Andrea will join the World Video Bible School staff! (Pictured below) We are SO excited about it! This is the same company that produced and publishes the "Searching for Truth" DVD's. Working at WVBS will be a great experience for her and it will allow her to attend some classes at SWSBS! Brethren, God is so good!

Monday, December 17, 2007

From a Floridian in Texas

Hello Everyone!
Having grown up in Florida my entire life, I have never experienced the joy of watching the seasons change. Over the past few weeks, Troy and I have really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful Fall colors. And Austin has plenty of evergreens too, so we will not have to experience a brown winter.
Things are really starting to come together for us in our house as we are finally seeing the end to all the boxes. I have really enjoyed decorating our new place and I am sure we have the most tropical home in Texas! We started putting up all our holiday décor this week, including hanging our stockings over the fireplace. Can’t say I ever did that in Florida!!!
Thank you all for the prayers you continually send up on our behalf. Have a happy and safe holiday season. We love you, miss you, and pray for you!
May God bless
you all!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

The walls came tumbling down!

What a great idea! These missionaries, who were down in El Salvador, are making a little "Jericho" for the children to march around seven times, blow their trumpets, and then see the walls fall down! They took paper bags and made "bricks" out of them. This will make a great impression upon their minds that will last them a lifetime!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Great Quotes

Here are some more of the quotes we hear in class. Some of them may be an old saying or a cliché, but I have attributed them to the person whom I heard say them, (or I read). Hope you enjoy them!

What on earth are you doing for heaven’s sake?! - Johnny Ramsey

Husbands and wives should never yell at each other unless there is a fire. - Tim Ayers

He that is convinced against his will is of the same mind still. - Carl Garner

If you don’t do much teaching in your sermon, you ain’t doing much preaching! - Roy Deaver

A scholar is a person who has been educated beyond his intelligence.
- Al Macias

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Before and After

Today is the official "Open House" for the Dripping Springs church of Christ. There should be a whole lot of people there from all around the area. Many of the Christian's in the Lord's church from this area have relatives and many friends in different congregations in and around Austin. I know they are all excited for a chance to come see the new building and fellowship with their brethren.
Tomorrow there will be a "pot luck" dinner on the grounds to "commemorate" the building, if you will. We are praying this will be an opportunity to introduce the church to our neighbors in the area, as well.
It's hard to believe the building looked like this (picture below) just a few weeks ago! But, thanks to the help of many of the members of the congregation, the work was completed within a very short time. The general contractor, who's company built the facility, is also a member at Dripping Springs. The old church building was purchased by the city to be used as city offices. They were anxious for us to get out and the time was running out on the agreement. Thanks be to the Lord that all was completed in time!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

For God's Glory

That's what the new building at Dripping Springs is going to be used for!
After several months of construction at an almost "frantic" pace, the new facility is complete. It is truly a beautiful place! It has a very comfortable and inviting feel too it, which I think is very important.
I had the opportunity to design the sound system for the auditorium and I am happy to report that everything worked out great! I will be posting more photos later.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Future Preacher

Sorry I haven't "blogged" lately, but I've been "bogged" down with homework! I appreciate that you keep checking in though!
The young man in the photo is Joseph Sheeran. It was taken at the Midtown church of Christ, in Victoria, TX where he and his parents attend. We were there on a door knocking campaign and conducting Bible studies. Joseph was so impressed with the SWSBS students being dressed for worship all the time that he told his mom he wanted to start wearing his tie to church. We told him that he was now qualified to sit with the students, but only if he takes notes! We think he would be a fine candidate for SWSBS someday!