Sunday, July 25, 2010

Panama Mission Trip

I was recently blessed to be able to go on a short term mission trip to Panama with a group from our sponsoring congregation, Margaret Street church of Christ. We went to Metiti and Santa Fe in the middle of the Darien Provence. It was a great opportunity to participate in another work, as well as, getting to fellowship with my brethren from the USA.

The campaign results were: 3 baptisms, 3 restorations, 25+ Bible studies, 10 Family and Marriage classes taught, 20 Evangelism and Teaching classes taught, children's classes, evening devotionals, lots of fellowship (including 1 birthday and a 15 yr anniversary) .... and a workday at a local school. God was indeed glorified in Panama!

Friday, July 9, 2010

"Prettiest" Sight in Paraguay?

It's Christmas in July at the Spradlin household in South America! To quote Andrea,

"I never thought this would be the most beautiful sight to see in Paraguay....but here it is....FINALLY!!!!!!"

Yes, we finally received our container with all our household belongings. The men unloaded everything in the pouring rain and we are happy to report that everything made it here just fine (including Andrea's dark chocolate Reeses cups). There wasn't any damage, so we have been blessed with a good, safe move.
Many of you may remember that we packed everything to go to Paraguay as I was getting ready to graduate from SWSBS. That was a year ago. Graduation for this year's students is this weekend. How's that for timing?
This is Christian Flors with Andrea. He is one of the helpers that unloaded the truck in the rain. (BTW, he is very strong).