Thursday, September 3, 2009

Polishing the Pulpit

One of my dear friends asked me, "What is Polishing the Pulpit? Is that some kind of hazing ritual for a newbie preacher like you?" I laughed, and even though I am a "newbie" preacher, Polishing the Pulpit was one of the finest events I have ever attended.
It is a seminar/lectureship that offers a wide variety of classes and workshop settings on various subjects pertaining to matters of the church. Each of the classes, or lectures, are taught by some of the prominent men within the brotherhood. Wayne Jackson, a well known preacher and writer, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for the many years of service he has given to the Lord's kingdom. Other speakers included Alan Highers, B.J. Clarke, Glen Colley, Dan Winkler, Kyle Butt, Eric Lyons, George Bailey, David Pharr, and many others including one of the most eloquent speakers, Tom Holland (pictured below).

It was wonderful weekend and a great opportunity to be able to spend time with so many like minded Christians (1,400 to be exact) and see so many good friends and brethren. I was blessed to be able to go with my friends, and fellow servants, Preston Silcox and Jason Lasure (pictured). If you ever get a chance to attend this fine event, I highly recommend that you do.