Monday, April 27, 2009

Check out Our New Missions Website!

Click on the link to go to our new website!
This site is for information regarding our mission work and our upcoming plans. We will also use it for updates and a place to download information.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sightseeing In Our Own Backyard

When one is enrolled in a theological studies school like SWSBS, there is not much time for "extra curricular activities" like just going sightseeing. There is simply too much work to do to keep up with the workload. It is one of the many sacrifices that must be made in order to prepare oneself for entering the work of the Lord as a minister. This is a little sad considering there is so much to see and do in the great city of Austin, TX.
Thankfully, there are a few breaks in the study quarters of school. So this time, Andrea and I spent the weekend together .... sightseeing.
We went to see and tour the Texas State Capitol, the Texas State History Museum, and a few other sights around town.
One of the unique sights is the Austin Bat Tour. Yes, a bat tour. The South Congress bridge in Austin is home to one of America's largest Mexican Freetail bat colonies. (I know, weird right?)
But it was truly fascinating to see about one million bats come pouring out from underneath a bridge at dusk. Quite an interesting experience!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Planting and Watering

The apostle Paul said,
"I planted and Apollos watered, and God gave the increase"
- 1 Cor 3:6

We are indeed, in the "sowing" business - sowing the word of God in the hearts of a lost world. The mission work that Andrea and I are about to engage in will be the "watering" aspect of sowing. The current team that is in Paraguay (pictured here) planted the church at Sacramento Street 5 years ago. When they formulated a plan to work in the mission field, they committed to five years. At this time, a few of the team members have already returned to the states and others are preparing to do the same. The church is growing and thriving in the city of Asuncion.
But now, they need faithful Christians to come and work with them and "water" the congregation in teaching and instruction. This is what Josh, Cara, Andrea, and myself will be doing in Paraguay.
What an exciting process that God has put in place! But, just as He is the one who gives life to all things, including seed, He is the One who will provide the growth in the hearts of this young congregation. Pray for us, pray for the church!
(In the picture: on left are Chris and Vickie Fry, with Walker and Emma; standing in middle is Perry Hardin; Brittnae Dye, sitting; and on right, Enoch and Laura Rinks)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wine is a mocker (Proverbs 20:1)

Here is a clip from an upcoming WVBS release about the dangers of alcohol. I play a small part in a reenactment scene from a story told about drinking and driving.