Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do You Remember When ..... ?

How many of you remember the days when there were attendants at the all the gas stations? I do ... but, it seems that they are very scarce to find these days. Almost all of our gas stations are self serve now.
Not so in Paraguay! I have yet to see a gas station here that does not have attendants. All the attendants that I have encountered have been very kind and helpful, will gladly check the air in your tires, and will happily write a sales receipt when asked to do so. Now the price of gas is a completely different subject ....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Real Politikin' .... Paraguayan Style

There is much talk about American politics right now in the media surrounding the upcoming elections. Just so you know, there is no shortage of "politikin'" in Paraguay, either! There are two major parties (just like in America), there are lots of promises being made, and a gazillion accusations being slung around. (sound familiar?) One of the parties even gathered a bunch of supporters and made an impromptu parade around the city today. They just happened to drive by our street with horns and music blaring and their red flags a-waving! I quickly grabbed my camera (after Andrea reminded me to) and just caught the tail end of it here .....