Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Blessing from Tennessee

What a blessing the church in Asunción received when a group of college students from Freed-Hardeman University decided to spend their spring break in Paraguay! They handed out almost 5000 flyers around the city, held devotionals in many of our member's homes, assisted the congregation in their church retreat, and brought lots of encouragement to everyone with whom they came in contact. Their efforts will have a lasting impact on the many souls who were privileged to meet them!
Pictured left to right are: Perry Hardin (our mission team mate), Maury Yegros, Brian Davis, Michael Flesher, Kayla Rotz, (me), Chris Wright, Hannah Phillips, Becky Gardner, Josh Barber, Jim Gardner, Helena Yegros, and Spencer Clark.

The flyer campaign generated 12 new contacts, several phone calls to the church office, more than 250 hits to our website, and a great deal of community awareness regarding the church in Asunción. God was indeed glorified through this mission group's efforts.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Growing Church

One of the great blessings about being in Asunción, Paraguay is not only getting to spread the Gospel around the city, but also getting to work with some wonderful brethren who are growing spiritually everyday. It is always a challenge, yet so rewarding to see them flourishing in their Christian walk. These past few weeks they have been preparing for their upcoming congregational retreat and for a mission group coming from the USA.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mission Report - February 2011

Here is our latest report from Paraguay. It has been a really busy month with lots of Bible studies!


God bless!
- Troy and Andrea