Saturday, July 25, 2009

What do you do with trophies?

Andrea and I have a couple of prized possessions - our trophies. Not the kind of trophy you win at some athletic or academic event. You know the kind, a little gold man on top of a vase with a nice plaque engraved on the base of it. No, these are a different kind of trophy, the kind that many hang on their wall - an animal mount.
Andrea has a large sailfish she won at a fishing contest and I have a deer mount from the very first buck I ever tagged.

So the question is this, when you are packing to move to South America, what do you do with those? Answer: build your own custom shipping crates from scratch. Just one of the interesting challenges we are facing with the move. Already an adventure!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Graduation from SWSBS

We did it! We finally completed our studies at Southwest School of Bible Studies! Andrea received her "Certificate of Completion" for the Women's Bible Study Program. I received my diploma for completing the Biblical Studies Program. We are so excited and are thrilled to have the opportunity to enter the mission field. We look forward to being servants in his kingdom.
THANK YOU to everyone who supported us being here! This is a little video with some highlights from the event: